Love is… being *for* each other… with love that understands

In the contested 1924 Democratic National Convention, the deadlock was reported to be because “Everybody was against somebody or some place, but not enough people were for anybody or any place.” It may be considered good that the main conflict that year, KKK influence, ended up being decided with a rejection of the Klan. But there were actual fist fights on the floor of the convention that year.

What if people could find common principles that they could be *for*? How would Love made a difference in that convention?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, then still early in his rehabilitation from polio, gave a nominating speech for Al Smith where he spoke of love and affection several times. Eight years later at his inauguration, FDR reminded us “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Franklin Roosevelt was not perfect and was a product of the time in which he lived.  However, his love for this country, and for individual Americans, was evident in his day-to-day life and in a 1936 speech where he spoke of  “…the love that understands, that does not merely share the wealth of the giver, but in true sympathy and wisdom helps men to help themselves.

FDR’s love was not passive, as he called “for Americans to face down” one of the causes of fear: “…those who would raise false issues, pervert facts, preach the gospel of hate, and minimize the importance of public action to secure human rights or spiritual ideals. He said that he “will continue to preach, the gospel of the good neighbor.” (from a 1935 speech)

When to be quiet

When we need to speak up, let’s trust we can speak out in love. We must not speak out in anger. As Thich Nhat Hanh’s  fourth mindfulness training reminds us, “When anger is manifesting in me, I am determined not to speak.”  Sometimes, the most loving thing we can do is to avoid talking about those things over which we disagree. Our relationships cannot be about focusing on our differences.

There are times to speak out, to stop an injustice, to refute hate, to spread love. We can also gain understanding by listening. If you cannot be nice, be quiet.

Okay, I admit to be being a bit corny with this one!

“Love Reaches Out” – a theme song?

This song heralds the Love that can heal the world… If this site needs a theme song, this may be it!

Published (on YouTube) on Jun 18, 2014

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Created by artists at The Sanctuaries in Washington, DC.
Erin J. | James B. | Megan M. | Osa O.

Lyrics from


in the rain, blinded, I'll show you the way back home
but don't you worry cuz I been with you all along
They said its hard to really see it and the reason why we living, don't chase it with your eyes can't recognize it till it's given
the world in front of became the molding of my vision, the pain that came to me is what I blame on my decisions
how can I find the courage when my heart is feeling missing, how do I find the time when I know that the clock is ticking
I'm a soldier for this love it's guaranteed to be my mission, wish that I could find it easy like I see it in the children
 looking back as I move forward Sankofa, I want a love that explodes just call it a super nova
what it takes to reach the heavens let me stand closer, put the pieces all together witness Ja-hova
God is patient with his son he plant the seed and let it grow, when I love it unconditional I'll learn to let it go
open ya arms that's what I'm talking bout, without a doubt I can feel the love reaching out
love reaches out, my love reaches out
I'm never giving up I'm keeping cool I'm in control, my praise I give it up a higher power's in control
this light is guiding me I'm armed with everything I know, this love is getting closer I can feel it in my soul
long as I am living I still got the time to show, the patience that was given from the ones that let me grow
forgive me for debating back and forth to and fro, this love is reaching out I'm giving it to you and yours
walk with me in soulidarity, my sanctuary eases my disparity
when I look into your eyes I'm looking carefully, What do you know, there is me
no more questioning the things that I can never see, touch taste smell hear no more mystery
just a faith that's stronger than my pain and misery, I found it in myself I will forever be
the breath of love that gave me the breath of life, I breathalyze spirits give it back and I energize
if I never take another let my voice come to speak it out and give you the feeling of love reaching out
love reaches out, my love reaches out
love can change you let it grow, the seeds you'll reap the love you sow
fill your heart till it explodes and love can take away your soul
love opens doors without a key, evolves through patience and honesty
trust love and just let it be, feel the power of love between you and me
love reaches out
my love reaches out
love reaches out, my love reaches out
when it's cold outside, my love gonna reach out and warm your soul

Contemplation on Love and Interconnections

Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Hanh Nhat makes a clear connection between our love for others and our ability to see how we “inter-are.”

We already have everyone we need to be loving and feel connected. He says, “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” We need only to tap into that source of love already present within us, by clearing away the clutter – the fear, the distractions, the anger.

“The source of love is deep in us and we can help others realize a lot of happiness. One word, one action, one thought can reduce another person’s suffering and bring that person joy.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh - Peace Is Every Step