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This site is a labor of love. It is some what “anonymous” because it is not about the author(s). The message is love.

Very little (if any) of this is original thinking, so we try to give credit for these ideas. Not every idea gets properly credited, but we try.

We take no credit (and only as much responsibility as possible) for the effect that any of these ideas may have on your life and relationships. Who knows what might happen if you become more loving! We can’t accurately predict, but past experience suggest wonderful things might happen. You mileage may vary. Side effects may include a feeling of warmth, a distinct lack of ire and wrath, and others around you may become infected with similar feelings of love.

While this site is a labor of love, realities dictate that the bills be paid. The cost of this site is modest, as nobody is paid for writing/editing/maintenace/etc. To perhaps defray the modest costs, this web site participates in the Amazon Associates Program and any links to Amazon may provide a small commission to support this web site. The same is true for any other advertising that we may add in the future. It’s sad to try to make money spreading the word of “love,” but until we can come up with a better system, we are stuck with (a hopefully compassionate form of) capitalism.